Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Favorite iPhone / iPad Apps

These apps actually the reason why I don't want to "convert" to Blackberry / Android / Symbian  / Windows smartphones. These my version of must have (fun) apps that  successfully make my life easier and more enjoyable. Remember darlings, sharing is caring. So these, are my favorites apps as of November 8th 2011... 

iPhone apps:
Hipstamatic, Photogram, moreBeaute2, PEStudio, Leme Cam, Labelbox, iDarkroom, CameraBag, Instagram, Whatsapp, BeejiveIM, PicFrame, IMDb, MyMadrid, LiveScore, ID Flight, SM:RainFree, Battleship, Sally's Studio, Jet Set Go and my ultimate favorite: Gratitude Journal Your Positive Thoughts. Especially because I can literally list down the things I'm grateful for... I'm counting my blessings every day. (: I love it! 

iPad apps:
Angry Birds Rio HD, Brickshooter Egypt HD, Bubbles HD Free, Call of Atlantis HD, eBay for iPad, Plants vs Zombies HD, Paradise Island HD, The Rise of Atlantis HD, Roads of Rome HD, Royal Envoy HD, Sally's Spa HD, Sudoku HD, Supermarket Mania HD (1, 2), Time Builders: Pyramid Rising HD, Time Builders: Caveman's Prophecy HD, Treasure Seekers HD (1, 2, 3), 4 Elements HD.

I have to say (please note that this is not a sponsored post) other than making my life more enjoyable, iPhone and iPad come in handy in helping me achieve things and of course doing business. Very practical and time-efficient to me.

However, let's not forget the fact that Apple is killing me (and probably you) by launching too many (cool) new products. Oh yes I'm talking about iPhone 4s and the rumored iPad 3 that will be launched in Spring 2012. Ugh just kill me now! -_____- Too soon, too fast, Apple! My current iPhone  3Gs still running perfectly, so I'm not planning on replacing it with the new 4s any time soon. I'm tempted, but I prefer to take it slow, well maybe around 4 - 5 months from now I' might change it to iPhone 4s (read: yes, that would be in March 2012... my *ahem* birthday). We'll see. I'll update you here anyway! Happy downloading (:

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