Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jonah's First Solo Flight!

After dreaming of becoming a pilot since he was a little boy, my husband took one step closer to reach his dream this morning. He flew the Liberty XL2 solo for the first time. After 24 hours of dual flying with his instructor, he was ready to be released for solo flight. Honestly, at first for me it was both exciting and a little nerve wrecking to hear. But surprisingly these past few days I've been busy and I thought about things other than him flying and was not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. Well mainly because last night he told me, "I love you and I love flying" (my husband is at his best when doing things that he loves and nurturing his loved ones, so I'm sure he would try his bestest. So worrying is unnecessary.) and because I believe in him, he's half way getting to reach for his long time dream.

He was very nervous pre-solo flight, but after he landed back safely (THANK GOD), he's beyond excited! He called me, sent chat messages, tweeted me and even e-mailed me after he celebrated the solo flight with his instructor and friends at the hangar. I'm very happy for him and even got watery eyes when I read his e-mail, he attached his newly received wings photo and wrote this: "I earned this because of you and family prayer, I love you.. Earned this with my life depending on it.. The second biggest achievement in my life, FIRST is marrying YOU." 

I love you and very proud of you my darling... (': Congratulations on your success!

Thank the Lord! ... And oh, below are some photos sent by my husband.

My husband flew with PK-LLB for his first solo flight!

A photo from 2 days ago, he took it while he was waiting on the runway to take off.

His first solo flight went well!!! (: They were playing the video of his first solo flight, it's great that they installed a camera inside the plane.

Kissed the tire shortly after he landed!

Jonah receiving wings from his flight instructor, Capt. Denis Boissonneault

Both happy with the result!

The LIFT wings.

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