Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travelogue: Bromo

We departed from Surabaya around 10.30 PM in order to reach Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park before 3 AM. We were going to enjoy the sunrise over Mount Bromo from Mount Penanjakan. When we arrived, there were plenty street vendors who sell winter clothing and offered us to buy some. The weather in that area was chilly, it was around 15 to 16 Degrees Celcius. We decided to buy some hand gloves and winter hats, just in case our sweaters, jackets and shawls are not enough because they say Penanjakan area and Bromo area are excruciatingly cold for Indonesians. I actually don't mind the cold weather, but the wind is killing me (I fallen sick for a week during winter time in Germany because it was super cold and super windy, mind you it was around -10 Degrees Celcius and I was just arrived from Indonesia, the tropical country). So if you're going to visit Mount Bromo, make sure you bring some of your winter clothes. 

Pick up some Lattes from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf before leaving Surabaya.
Just arrived.
My companions.
Then we rented a jeep and a driver to go to Mount Penanjakan, and at 3.30 AM we took off! It was jet black dark, we couldn't see anything while we're in the jeep. I didn't even want to know how the driver find the way when the visibility of almost zero when we're heading to Mount Penanjakan's peak. The driver told us not to worry because he could drive up there even with his eyes closed. Oh my... how comforting -_____-

Thank God we arrived safely and it was indeed really cold, 3 Degrees Celcius and windy. They say if we go in August, the weather is much colder. Oh okay. We hiked to Mount Penanjakan viewpoint area, it was an easy hike because they already built the pathway long ago. At 4.30 AM, the viewpoint was already crowded with some Japanese, European and Indonesians tourists. We were all came for one purpose to witness the  famous majestic sunrise. Then it was sunrise, unfortunately it was too foggy so we couldn't see it clearly. So we went back to our jeep and told the driver to take us to the Mount Bromo caldera. On our way down, oh wow! No fog and we could see the morning sun over Mount Bromo! It was stunning... so divine! We were in awe, it is one of God's masterpiece. 

Of course we took some pictures (which can be seen below) there, then at the sea of sand. So gorgeous! We rented horses to reach Mount Bromo caldera and to see the crater. How we wished we  have more time so we could stay longer and explore this amazing National Park more. I promise myself that I will visit this place once again and probably stay a few nights in some beautiful resorts in the area with my husband. 

Took a lot of pictures to kill some time.
Fellow Indonesian tourists.
Still waiting...
European, Japanese and Indonesian tourists are blending in!
Stone-carved Map.
No stunning sunrise because of the heavy fog ):
At the Penanjakan Viewpoint Entrance Gate
Roasted Corn
Nom nom
Indomie Instant Noodle. My favorite!!!
After breakfast.
The view, still foggy.
Our sexy red jeep!
Let's stop here.
I love the color of that jeep, turquoise!
At last! We could see Mount Bromo!!!

stunning Mount Bromo.

Happy Tourists!

Can't get enough!
Our super kind driver.

at the sea of sand

My horse was too small... poor horsie.

Mount Batok

View from Mount Bromo!

Mount Bromo's Crater.

I'm loving it here!

All in all, one of the best trips I've ever made. If you visit Indonesia, I highly recommend you to visit Mount Bromo. Check out the official site and other tourists' comments.

Until next time, Bromo!

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