Thursday, November 10, 2011

Travelogue: Surabaya

I decided to post my Surabaya Trip in conjunction with National Heroes Day in Indonesia, November 10th. I thought this was a proper way to remember the heroes, by appreciating and treasure the land and freedom they fought for, back in November 10th 1945 and I'm proud to say, my grandfather was one of the heroes.  This post is for you and your fellow soldiers, Opa.

This was a trip I made with Araminta and Anastasia back in November 2008. Wow how time flies... it was exactly 3 years ago but I still remember this short trip as if it was only few weeks ago. We went to Surabaya just for the weekend, from friday to sunday. 

We stayed at the lovely Sheraton Surabaya Hotel and Towers, how we wished we could stay longer. We were blessed enough to be able to taste the famous Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck with rice) Tugu Pahlawan, Depot Bu Rudi, visit Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Museum), Bambu Runcing Monument and visit the beautiful Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

It was one lovely (too) quick getaway trip, but I still want to go back and explore Surabaya and the rest of East Java more. One day...

Amarantha, Araminta, Anastasia before boarding the aircraft!

our (now ancient) Apple products.
Aerial view of Surabaya.
Touch down Juanda International Airport, Surabaya.
Juanda International Aiport's Arrival Hall.

In Surabaya! Heading to our hotel to drop off our luggage.
Loving our room!
Loving the bathroom too.
Huge mirror covering the entire wall! Love it.
Quite spacious for a standard deluxe room.
Oh the mirror...
Surabaya at night from our room.
Tugu Pahlawan (Heroes Monument).
The famous Bebek Goreng Tugu Pahlawan (Fried Duck) for dinner. It was so gooood! We went back to the hotel to change and get ready for our trip to Bromo! We were going to watch the sunrise over Mount Bromo from Mount Penanjakan. We were so psyched! See it here.
This pic was taken after we came back from Bromo. Getting ready to explore Surabaya now...

We're ready!
Depot Bu Rudy.
The Famous Depot Bu Rudy.
Tahu Pong / Tofu Pong

Nasi Udang Bu Rudy for late lunch!

Bucil, Desy and Anastasia. Bucil, the local Surabayan, is Anastasia's friend back in their college years in Sydney.
5 of us at Depot Bu Rudy.
Submarine Museum.
The Map
The Russian-made Indonesian Submarine back then.
Triple A's.

Entering the Submarine.
with our guide.

Thanks for accompanying us guys! (:

Monumen Bambu Runcing.
After those short visits, we finally heading back to the airport...
Moments before boarding back to Jakarta. Thank you Surabaya!!! PS. If you ever visit Indonesia, don't forget to buy some of those Rotiboy Buns (on the right)... they're to-die-for!

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