Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zee Avi, Live in Jakarta!

Last night I went to see Zee Avi live in concert with Tikyta & Ronny. Tikyta and I both looove Zee Avi (she's the one who introduced me to Zee Avi's music, as a matter of fact) and  when we heard that she's going to perform in Jakarta, we knew that we just have to go watch her perform. Then Ismaya Live announced the ticket info, Tikyta and I immediately bought our tix on day 1! Those tix were sold out within days, can you believe it! So many Zee Avi lovers here in Jakarta. Or probably because it was a up close and intimate  (limited) seated concert, she was only few meters away from our seats that night (OH MY GOODNESS!!!).

The concert was surreal. She's amaaazing, truly amazing. Witty personality, talented song writer and musician, truly angelic voice, simply one great performer. Her band also great, the band members are all so talented. It was one of the best concerts I've ever been to, mind-blowing! I'm very much hoping that I will watch her live in concert again in the future. And oh my, I do have a soft spot for ukuleles. My heart skipped a beat everytime she ditched her guitar and then grabbed her ukulele. 

Anyhoo, here's a sneak peek of Zee Avi music created by Ismaya Live.

And oh, the opening act for Zee Avi concert was the lovely Indonesian duo, Endah N Rhesa. They are actually husband and wife and it was my first time seeing them perform live and boy, they're that good! I actually love their songs, hear one of their songs here, I guarantee you, if you and I have the same taste, you'd love them too! They're so cute too, I love them. 

It was one of the best nights ever! 

PS: Some of my favorite Zee Avi songs (I love all her songs, but these are my most favorites) are Bitterheart, Honey Bee, Kantoi, The Book of Morris Johnson, Just You and Me, Concrete Wall, Siboh Kitak Nangis. Check out her live performances here.  

via Ismaya Live

The Maestro Function Hall, Plaza Indonesia.

Our tix!

Ready to watch the concert!

The wonderful opening act!

It's Zee Avi!!!

This was taken at the end of the show, she asked the audience to stand up and move forward towards the stage! I was only one meter away from her! ((:

Zee Avi, live in Jakarta, November 23rd 2011. One of the best concerts I've ever been!

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