Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolutions

Hello darlings, how has the New Year been so far?

For me, it has been challenging in every way possible. But I'm not afraid for I know He'll be there to guide me and hold my hand. So bring it on 2012!

In addition to those sweet challenges in this new year, I'd like to list down my 2012 NY's Resolutions just like last year.  But first, let's review the result of last year's resolutions

  1. Yes, I did find a beautiful place to get lost in. The beautiful Lombok in September 2011.
  2. I finally joined United Nations Online Volunteers as of September 2011.
  3. Well... I was doing great from January to September. But I went a little crazy from October to December. But at least not as impulsive as years before.
  4. Sadly this didn't happen at all. When I went to my hometown few weeks ago, we didn't go to Tangkoko National Park. So, no.
  5. Cooking part yes, I have improved my cooking skills quite nicely. But baking part, not really. 
  6. Not yet completed, however I managed to add more Audrey Hepburn stuffs (DVD, books) to my collection. 
  7. Definitely visited Bandung more often than the year before. Yay. 
  8. Not yet. I bought a bike instead. Hahaha... 
  9. As for number 9 & 10. (: He granted one part of it. Thank You Lord Jesus. It's more of a wish than a resolution actually. Hehe... 

Well well, not bad. I was doing quite good in accomplishing those resolutions. I have faith that I could do the same or even better this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, here are my 2012 New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Humanitarian Trip(s).
  2. Birthday with orphans instead of throwing a fancy birthday dinner. 
  3. Go somewhere I have never been to. 
  4. Improve baking skills.
  5. PIXIE HAIRCUT! God knows how long I've been dreaming for this to happen!
  6. Visit my hometown in June or July for two weeks. 
  7. Complete my Audrey Hepburn collection. 
  8. Re-visit museums in Jakarta. 
  9. Be less clumsy. Lessen these: dropping things, bumping into people, slamming myself (esp my head and face) into concrete walls and my other insanely destructive movements (literally). 
  10. Establishment of..........

What's yours darlings?

PS. Always remember to have faith to believe that you can do them!

via A Sranger Died For Me, He Set Me Free

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