Friday, January 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

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I have decided to post my previous fabo link posts on weekly basis. From here on now anticipate for the cutest / nicest / sweetest / odd / awesome things I find on the internet every week! Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Currently decorating my bedroom and hallway just like this.

I'm so clicking the $9.99 Buy Album box.

I love Mad Men and 2 Broke Girls and I love them both. They are way too cute!

In awestruck over cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg, one of my fave photographers/bloggers Jamie Beck and the model/one of my fave bloggers Kelly Framel

Step Out in Stripes with Kate Spade. *FAINTS*

The Romantics. I love the sound of it and cute trailer too. Another DVD movie to watch at weekends.

Waffle Stuffed Pizza! Nom nom nom

Americans, stop american censorship! It's the affecting the whole world!!!

The next greatest collaboration: KAREN WALKER for ANTHROPOLOGIE!!!

How badly I want to watch this Wicked musical. I read the book and collecting the series, those are pretty much valid reasons why I should go visit Singapore before the month of May and watch it.

'till next Friday darlings!

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