Monday, February 13, 2012

Travelogue: Minahasa (Dec 2011-Jan2012)

A trip to hometown over a month ago. No beach / island hopping trip this time, but planning to go back mid-year to get some fun under the sun at the beach! But for now, enjoy the pics which were taken mostly around Minahasa "highland" area, where my husband's families and my mother's family came from.

Koya, Tondano. My father-in-law's hometown.

My husband's grandparents' home in Koya.
Morning walk with my husband ((:

Traditional Minahasan Wooden House 

Backyard view.

Bugel the super friendly dog.

One of my favorite place in Minahasa, the food and beverages are tasty!

Pork Bun at Rumah Kopi Gembira. Yummm... the best in Indonesia!

Manado Ring Road. You could see the "Jesus Bless" statue. The only city in Indonesia that has huge statue of Jesus.

Cloudy day in Manado.

Quick lunch at this delicious street vendor, Mashoso.


My parents' house in Tontalete.

My grandmother's grave.
My great grandfather's grave.

Family cemetery.

The Deck.

Sweet Mimi.

My grandfather's grave.

My father-in-law's father's grave.

My mother-in-law's parents' grave.



Boulevard Tondano

C'est moi
Lake Linow, Lahendong.

Lake Linow, Lahendong.

Lake Linow, Lahendong.

Lake Linow, Lahendong.

Lake Linow, Lahendong.

Chocolate Chip Cookies made by my husband's aunt Aty. So delish!

Mount Lokon from a distance.

Lake Tondano

Time to go back to Jakarta... 

I'll see you soon, hometown!

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