Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My February On Instagram

Hello darlings!

It's that time of the month again! This time, I'm posting this post on February 29th!!! Well hello leap year, long time no see. (:

These are a few photos from both my instagram accounts (yes, I have 2 instagram accounts  - lol) earlier this month:

#1. This month I'm kind of addicted to my homemade burger ((:
#2. Isn't he lovely?
#3. Guarding 3rd Floor.

#1. My footwear of the month! Love my sweet sweet braided clogs (:
#2. A friend got me several Kitkat Tiramisu choc bars from Japan!
#3. My husband came to town on Feb 3rd! Couldn't be happier.

#1. My cute niece, Chloe!
#2. Reunited with my cousins.
#3. Everybody says that my husband and my cousin look like brothers. Say what??

#1. Gorgeous sunsets over Jakarta sky in February! Love.
#2. These two are always in my bed. ((:
#3. Everytime I go to Plaza Senayan, I always take-away one or two slices of Red Velvet cake at Union. Even though I love the interior design, the service is quite bad. Take-away it is.

#1. In love with the Rainbow cake at The Goods Dept!
#2. Lowy wants to play outside.
#3. Chewy sleeping.

#1. My dogs' favorite treats.
#2. Some cute batik outfits by Oli. Love her Edward Hutabarat-ish design.
#3. Maystar is my ultimate favorite restaurant in Gandaria City.

#1. Got Cathay Pacific Chocolate box from our dear friend & distant cousin, Gatra Waworuntu!
#2. Bought 2 tickets to watch Kina Grannis live in concert! Yayyy... The other tix is for my husby (:
#3. That day when I wore my "happy colors" outfit.

#1. My precious babies.
#2. Bought few bottles of Peri-peri sauce. One of my husband's favorite sauces.
#3. My ticket and my programme book when watching "The Phantom of the Opera".

#1. Chewbacca hated everytime I woke him up when he's napping.
#2. Lowbacca chillaxing. 
#3. My abstract nail airt ((:

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