Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Proud Renelian

I remember watching Chris Rene performed on the first audition of X Factor US last year, brought me to tears. Not the best vocalist among other contestants, but he definitely has the X Factor! He has one of the most unique, soulful and a lyrical genius, in short, he's anything but standard. What can I say, not my favorite genre but this guy blows me away, everytime. Even the living legend, Stevie Wonder called him to say that Chris inspired him.

He's the living proof that a dream is always attainable and that people in their darkest hours can fulfill their dreams as long as you believe. He is very sincere to what he was and what he wants to become and still knows where he came from. He got his second chance to live his life and he didn't take it for granted, such an admirable human being. Best of all, he is so thankful to God that he got to where he is right now. Love!

And finally today, his first single "Young Homie" has been released! I've waited for this moment since I heard its raw charm at his X Factor US audition. I just love the powerful lyrics and his message on this song... 

"If you wanna build your love up, put your hate down..." 
Young Homie by Chris Rene

God bless you Chris! xo, proud Renelian.
ps. buy his song here, don't download the track illegally!
pps. I can't wait to hear this track on his album.
pps. watch him performed on X Factor US here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

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