Monday, April 02, 2012

Best Birthday of My Life

My 2012 new year's resolution #2, CHECKED! At first, I was going to spend birthday and share the joy at this certain orphanage, where I usually make donation to. The children in that orphanage are Ambon riot victims, their parents were all killed during the riot. Thank God someone arranged their transport to Jakarta and raise them properly with love. Yes they are orphans, but at least they were born normal and in great health condition. Unlike these children at Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro, they are all are disabled / handicapped. They were abandoned by their parents in the streets, thrown away into a garbage bin / cemetery, railroad tracks and left in front of Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro's door without any notes.

So this time, I picked Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro. It was my first time visiting a disabled orphanage, I've seen disabled children but never disabled orphans. I went with my husband, my mother and my brother, it was a great experience for us.This visit, made me realize even more how very blessed I am. Problems such as getting stuck in traffic, internet broke down, struggling with business, among other personal problems, they just automatically become small. It is true, that gratitude is so much easier if we compare our situations to other people's misfortunes and heartaches. 

I promise myself to give more to these beautiful children on regular basis, apparently giving makes me happier than being a recipient. There's nothing I want more than being a blessing to these children, making a good use of myself. This visit also made me killed my intention to upgrade my iPhone to a newer one as a present for myself on my birthday and made my wishlist (bags, shoes and clothes) seem so silly and stupid. One precious lesson on my birthday, my worldly possessions only make one person happy, myself. But sharing my fortune / belongings  to people who are less fortunate, it makes me and other people happy... which is more important to me.

I didn't bring my camera that day, even left my iPhone in the car so I don't have the complete pictures of this visit. I only have some from my brother's camera phone which I posted below. It was one amazing day, we get to play and make the children smile and laugh. I tried my best to hold my tears from streaming down my face each time Jonathan (who has hydrocephalus) smiles when I touched his face with my hands and many more precious moments with other children: Berty, Jelita, Yasmin, Ayu, Ubay, etc. My husband and I are planning to go visit on regular basis just to share our love and some of our small fortune with them. If you are interested to go visit them with us, simply contact me and we could go together! (: If you want to go alone, you can go straight to the orphanage:

Yayasan Sayap Ibu-Bintaro
Jl. Raya Graha Bintaro No 33B
Pondok Kacang Barat-Bintaro
ph: +62 - 21-7331004/007
email :

for donation, they need these on daily basis:

Susu Pediasure, NAN 2 DHA, Enfakid 4, SGM 2, SGM 4, Frisian Flag 123, Bubur Susu (Nestle, Promina 6+, SUN 6+, Rasa Beras Merah + Kacang Hijau), Quaker (Havermout), Tissue Basah, Mamy Poko XXL, Pampers / Diapers (S), Mamy Poko Celana XL, Force Magic. 

or you can wire transfer some money to the foundation's account:

Yayasan Sayap Ibu
BCA : 603 0306 072 (SWIFT CODE BCA : CENAIDJA >> for those of you transferring from abroad)
BRI : 0393 010000 18303
Bank Permata : 0701 - 621 255
some blog posts about Yayasan Sayap Ibu Bintaro I found online:
and many more, just google it! (;

Blessings are actually not something good we ask from God, but things that God has given us. And we could even be a blessing to others, too. God bless!

The main building.

Afternoon story telling session by their caretakers, the kind hearted nurses. This was at the end of our visit that day.

Mom playing with Ayu,

They have two cars on stand by, donations from Indonesian Central Bank. One Grand Max (left) for taking the kids for regular check ups at the hospital and one ambulance for emergencies.

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