Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Saw You In My Dream

When I was born in this beautiful world, both of my grandfathers already passed away. One passed 5 years before and the other one passed 1 month before I was born. Simply put, I grew up without my grandfathers so I never knew the love of a grandfather. But some nights ago in my dream, I saw one of my grandfathers and I finally felt the love of a grandfather. I know it's just a dream but it felt so real and it was actually the first time he ever appeared in my dream!

In my dream, I had a party at my house filled with my big family then suddenly a car came. Then my grandfather stepped out of the car and smiled warmly at me. I never let go of his arms all night, he always smiled, laughed and very warm. He's just like how my parents and families described him to be: charismatic, kind and enjoy being around his family. Love you grandpapa, always have and always will. How I wish both of my grandfathers are still alive today but I know they are now in a much happier and more beautiful place with Lord Jesus. 'til we meet again grandpapas! xo

A picture of us back in 2007, in Tontalete - North Sulawesi. 


Lindsay said...

awwhhh I sobbed :(

amarantha said...

aww thank you! by the way, happy anniversary Zindy and Ryan! How come I couldn't leave a comment on your blog entries? Wishing you guys more blessings to come!

Lindsay said...

Thank you my love! Maybe its the setting in my blog, I must check it again LOL. XoXo..hope you feel better from your illness :)

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