Wednesday, June 06, 2012

TMII: Transportation Museum

Well hello darlings! Yes I know I haven't posted ANYTHING for the past month, I'm guilty as charged. I've been pretty occupied with many many things, my husband spent about a month time in town from march to april so we went doing stuffs we've never done together before. One of them is visiting TMII, an extensive culture-based park, the prime showcase of Indonesia's rich cultural and natural diversity. It was my first time visiting TMII (shame on me, the Indonesian who lives in the very city where TMII is located, but whatever, I'm a firm believer of this old cliche "better late than never" anyway lol).

Remember my NYR for this year? I'm glad to let you know that my resolution #8 is gonna be a success! There are 15 museums in TMII and I had the chance to visit 2: Transportation Museum and Indonesian Heroes Museum. Yay! Rest assured I'll be back to visit the other 13 museums later this year.

Now, about TMII. TMII is a very interesting place but very lacking in doing the maintenance, I could only hope that the Indonesian Government will do something about this! They really need to go to Bali Safari and Marine Park and learn how to do the maintenance for this type of recreational park. If I were a billionaire I'd donate for cleaning up TMII and will supervise it myself! Anyhoo... I'm not actually posting this entry to criticize Indonesian Government, but to share some photos we (me, my husband and my brother) took while we were there. This is TMII - Part I: Transportation Museum. Enjoy! (:

Moral of the story: I had so much fun visiting TMII, honestly more fun than going to the malls. Moreover I need to get to know Jakarta better, will definitely visit more interesting places around the city pretty soon. TMII is only just the beginning... for me, 2012 is VISIT JAKARTA year! ((;


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