Saturday, July 21, 2012

Collecting Our Nows

My husband and I have been in a long-distance-marriage for almost a year now (wow how time flies!) but we managed to get together at least once a month. So when he was here few weeks ago for pilot medical examination, I made an effort to bring a camera everywhere we go (but some days I just forgot all about the camera - LOL) and also took some pictures at home with our adorable huskies.

Simply because these two reasons: 

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#1. The promise we made at the altar, that we are going to love each other and stay true and be with each other until forever... it's just, only God knows how long that "forever" will be, but I do believe this quote: Forever is composed of Nows. Our togetherness every month also counts as our "nows" so I want to treasure and capture our moments no matter how mundane or ordinary our days are... for other people. 

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#2. I want to collect moments, not things. So that when we're old and couldn't remember clearly our early years of marriage, we can always open a photo album / digital photo album contains our photos from today. I'm pretty sure that those photos will be a lot more valuable for us in future than clothes or gadgets from today.

With those reasons being said, here are some of our moments I collected few weeks ago... 

Everyday watching his flight videos to refresh his memories.

Eat red velvet cake and drink milk tea for breakfast.

My husband loves red velvet cupcakes!

Princess Lowy

Prince Chewy
My favorite nail art! Rainbow French Pedicure.
Soekarno-Hatta Airport. 

Picked up my dad-in-law who just flew in from the USA.

My husband's current favorite pair of sunglasses.

The best Martabak booth in Bekasi area (my in-laws live in Bekasi).
Martabak Manis Keju Wisjman Special!


When he felt too lazy to drive.

Watched EuroCup matches together! My favorite team: Spain and Germany. My husband's favorite team: Holland and Italy.  

Lowbacca the cute!

Chewy the sweet!

Love my new keep calm iPhone case!

Our favorite place - after we got married. Simply because this place is only 15 minutes drive from home. 

Dinner at Kafe Betawi with my husband's fellow pilot students.

Dimas and Jonah.

David -____- LOL

LIFT batch 1 students. They were here in town for medical examination.

Loves reading aviation mags.

My husband and his furry-daughter.

The men in my family read these magazines religiously!

This Korean Drama, Rooftop Prince: HILARIOUS!!! The funniest Korean Drama I've seen in years! We both loved it!

It's not Pokka Milk Tea or Kirin, but this Nu Milk Tea is good enough for us!

Yes we have unhealthy obsession over milk tea.

When will you be finished?

In my favorite striped top...

Wearing panties! LOL

Jonah and his iPad = inseparable.

We love walking our beautiful huskies.

My husband is an airbus fan.

My husband's favorite dish at his parents' house.

new stickers.

My husband always spent few hours a day to study.

From Bekasi to Bintaro.

Grey skies...

We go to Pondok Indah Mall quite a lot.

Dealing with Jakarta's bad traffic almost everytime.

That sentence made us laugh!

One of our favorite ramen-ya in town.

Our favorite bakery!!!

Indonesian Police Photography Exhibition

Indonesian Police Photography Exhibition

Entering Pacific Place, before we were married, we always go to Pacific Place to watch movies / to have lunch or dinner / many more.

Unicorn, decor by Preston Bailey.

Preston Bailey's work of art.

Chilling with friends at Canteen.

Preggy Cathy!

Cathy and I. xox

and some from my instagram feed:

1. Art exhibition at Gandaria City.
2. My husband's pilot thingy...
3. His new flight safety tags. 

1. Yours truly
2. My husband
3. Had dinner with my in-laws at one of our favorite restaurants, The Duck King

1. I've been wearing this turban-ish thing lately, because my husband asked me to! 
2. One beautiful afternoon in Jakarta
3. I love bookstores and my husband knows it very well! 

1. Went to Immigration Office of South Jakarta for passports renewal. Both our passports are already expired.
2. My husband got his passport photo taken and fingerprints recorded at the Immigration Office
3. Our favorite 7/Eleven item: Big Bite - Chicken Hotdog

1. We both loved "The Amazing Spiderman", a lot! 
2. Our favorite snack from McVitie's Digestive.
3. I just started reading "The Hunger Games" - great book <3 

1. We went back to the Immigration Office to pick up our new passports! Yay
2. When we were on our way to Taman Safari Cisarua.
3. Both of us wanted to take a pic together with this Sumatran Tiger but both were too scared to even be near it! LOL

1. Husband fed it with carrots. 
2. That's me in a happy state of mind! 
3. My husband's favorite animal at Taman Safari, the hippo! 

1. I was almost finished The Hunger Games - Book 1, so I quickly ran to the bookstore to buy the Book 2: Catching Fire... and new issue of National Geographic. 
2. My husband multitasking, playing CSR Racing on his iPad while watching this Korean drama called "King 2 Hearts" - later he took the DVDs with him to Lombok. ((: One of the best Korean dramas we've watched this year!
3. Sad faces, because my husband left Jakarta for Lombok that night. 

From MacBook's photobooth... me and my sleepy-eyed husband ((: 

and always remember this: 
via Pinterest.

so let's treasure every moment!


Ary Yogeswary said...

For me and my boyfriend, the second dating site (and our only dating site in Jakarta) was also Teraskota. It's our only Jakarta dating site actually, him being in the States and me in Bali. Thanks for sharing, it feels so good to know others share fun stories there!

amarantha said...

Well, what's not to love? The road to Teraskota are the road less traveled by most people in Jakarta, hence traffic free. Also, for me, it's only like 15-20 minutes drive from my house. Well I guess Teraskota holds a special place in our hearts, doesnt it! Thanks for reading my blog, Ary (: btw are you the "Ary" from Photo Factory Bali?

Ary Yogeswary said...

Yes, I am :). Been following your blog for quite a while, but not much reading opportunity I'm afraid. My boyfriend's work was near BSD, so not much choices for us as well lol. But it is indeed a neat place. We hope to return there one day, and perhaps we can meet!

amarantha said...

Oh hello Ary! (: Yes it would be lovely if we could meet one day! let me know when you're in town. Thanks for following my blog!

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