Saturday, July 14, 2012

Taman Safari Cisarua

I'm a sucker for animals, I simply love animals more than I love people! So when I voiced my thought of going on a trip to Taman Safari Cisarua, I was thrilled that my husband and my brother had the same thing in their minds. We decided to go there while my husband still in town, so we went last Saturday (exactly a week ago) plus my brother's girlfriend. We went early but the Saturday traffic was just so freaking bad that it took us almost 3 hours to get there, fortunately my husband is a very patient man! ((; If I was in the driver's seat, I'd made a turn in the middle of that bad traffic and headed to another fun place, I was thinking DuFan! Probably next time.

Apparently the animals in Taman Safari Cisarua really worth 3 hours of bad traffic. They are so cute, elegant, beautiful and adorable! I would love to go back there again and my husband already planned so too, because we were quite in hurry that day we didn't get to see the Wild Wild West Cowboy Show and ride an elephant or a camel! Bummer. 

Although the place is not as new, as nice, as big, as clean and as organized as Bali Safari and Marine Park - the best zoo in Indonesia (My husband and I went there in 2009 - hmm probably I'll post the pics sometime soon), it's still very interesting and a fun place to be - especially for family trip. What I love the most, is the cool weather!!! Unlike at Bali Safari and Marine Park where it's crucial to wear summer outfits because of the sizzling hot weather, you can wear jeans and long-sleeve top when visiting Taman Safari Cisarua in the middle of the day and not sweating! Such a lovely, lovely weather.

The foods at Rainforest Restaurant are also okay, not the best I've ever tasted but still okay. Not disappointing, in my opinion. 

We had great times there and pretty sad when we have go back to Jakarta. *le sigh* We finally left Taman Safari Cisarua at 3 PM to avoid another bad traffic. Oh well... see you very very soon, Taman Safari Cisarua!!! We'll be back!

Tips: When visiting Puncak area on weekends, you have to know this first. So you won't be stuck in bad traffic for hours.

That's where we heading to! Apparently if you have BNI card, you get 15% discount!

Eat red velvet cupcakes for breakfast in the car!

My very patient husband.
My brother and his girlfriend.

When you see this sign, Taman Safari is still 20 minutes away...

At last, Cisarua!

Yayyy we made it!

Make a right turn here.

Stopped by to buy carrots for feeding the animals.

Hello Taman Safari Cisarua!

Entrance Fee as of June 2012.

4 adults + 1 car's entrance fee.
They gave us Taman Safari Cisarua map and brochures at the entrance gate. And you also can see my silly brother in the side mirror.


I was studying the map while we got stuck in another traffic in Taman Safari! Ugh, summer holidays.
Papa elephant, mama elephant and baby elephant! So cuuuute!


This big fella was chillaxing at the pool...

Naomi taking pic of the Zebras.



Every car throw carrots for the deers to feast. They love carrots! And yes, you can see me in side mirror! *LOL*

Another traffic *le sigh*

"Do you carrots for me???"

Leopards from a distance.

Something I don't see everyday.

OWL! OWL! OWL! OWL! OWWWLLL!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Anoa, the animal and I have one thing in common, we both come from SULAWESI! ((:

Jar Jar Binks?

Lions chillaxing.

The King!

Hippo, my husband's favorite!

"Yo, what u lookin at!"

"I'm confused why there are so many people taking pics of me and my friends"

Elephant wants carrots!

After we parked our car, we visited the Baby Zoo.


Taking pic with this 3-years-old OrangUtan. It wants to kiss my hand! <3

My husband and I with Lion cub!

Super cuuute 1-month-old Lion cub!

Have to blurred the edges so those two supercute and elegant white tigers can be seen clearly! Aren't they totes adorbs!!!

No, thanks.

Elephant Show.

Elephants and I <3

Buy souvenirs here.

One of the restaurants there.
Jungle-ish interior.

View from our table at Rainforest Restaurant. Elephant Butts!

Elephants ride, anyone?

What I had for lunch, Spaghetti Bolognese.

My husband's Cheeseburger.

Taman Safari Tour Ride

Camel "on duty"


Time to back to Jakarta.


Lovely view!

Entering Jagorawi Tollroad back to Jakarta.

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