Thursday, July 12, 2012

TMII: Anjungan Sulawesi Utara

As a Minahasan, I feel obligated to visit Anjungan Sulawesi Utara area in TMII. Especially since the traditional house built there is the replica of my grandfather's (H.V. Worang) old family house in Tontalete which pics can be seen below at the very bottom of this post. This Anjungan Sulawesi Utara is one of my grandfather's project, he was the person in charge. The architect, who was appointed by my grandfather, studied our old family house carefully before he designed the newer and bigger version of it back in the 1970s. 

After looking around the area, we had Minahasan cuisine for lunch at the cafetaria downstairs. They only provide authentic Minahasan foods and play Minahasan music in the background, so it's as if you're really in Minahasa. I must admit, we loved it there! I hope the Sulawesi Utara province will keep adding the items and maintaining this Anjungan Sulawesi Utara diligently. I Yayat U Santi! (;

Welcome to Anjungan Sulawesi Utara

Yes, that's the replica of our old family house!

Map of Sulawesi Utara, my sweet sweet homeland.

Minahasan bride and groom sit on this type of chair on their wedding day.

OWL! Minahasans' mascot.

Replicas of Waruga

Minahasan foods for lunch! Left: my brother, Right: my husband.

My great great great grandfather, Corneles Lengkong's family house in Tontalete, is the model house for Minahasan traditional house in TMII. My grandfather appointed an architect, Remy Dendeng to build a traditional Minahasan house in TMII and use Corneles Lengkong's house as a model because it was and still is one of the oldest Minahasan traditional house in Minahasa today.

The house was built in 1800s, when Corneles Lengkong was the Kuntua / chief village of Tontalete. Sadly, the house is now abandoned, no one lives there anymore. My aunt who is the beneficiary of the house is living permanently in Netherlands, so no one is looking after the house. The house has historical value and quite mysterious to our family. Believe it or not, this house can't be burned down, it's a fire-proof house. The Dutch soldiers had tried to burn it down, but failed miserably. They set it on fire but the fire just went dead, the foundation of the house and the wood are just too mysteriously strong for the fire. Corneles Lengkong got the house materials from old Portuguese lodge (Portuguese came to Minahasa in 1500-ish) and wood logs from his piece of land in Lembeh Island.

Anyhoo, if my aunt agrees, I'd love to restore it one day just to save what's left of my ancestor's heritage. But I will surely keep the colors of the house: wood and turquoise. At least now I know where I got my love for turquoise color from! (;

View from the Lengkong Family private cemetery. Yes, this house is located right next to it!
My parentals and my uncle Tutut in front of the house. We call the house: "Rumah Besar" (means big house), because it's considerably big for a house back then in 1700s - 1800s. 
Yours truly on the porch.

Main door of the house. Looks very old but I surely spotted a lot of turquoise!

The porch. Old furniture from 1970s.

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