Sunday, August 12, 2012

50 Shades Trilogy

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Okay, so yesterday I finally finished reading the Fifty Shades Trilogy, all three of them within one week. Eventhough they're not my favorite books, they are a good fun read. I actually enjoyed reading them. Most of people who are vocally negative of the series have not finished the series. *rolling my eyes* Please make sure when you give opinion on these books, read all three of them first. But if you have read all three of them and still have no love for the books, that's okay too. People have different opinions anyways. 

Yes, there is a lot of sex including BDSM but the series is about pure love, a deep passionate one. Much of the activity described in full detail was beyond my personal comfort. The story of seduction, and magnetic attraction is what I related to in the novel. 50 Shades of Grey, should be read with an open mind.

For me, the story got better with each book but still it's not a classic / literally masterpiece. Also heard that their going to make the movie soon... my only hope that Colin Egglesfield will play as Christian Grey. He's got it all, the look, the stare, the eyes and the charm. 

And oh, the story explores the unconventional relationship between: Anastasia Steel, a 22 year old literature major; and Christian Grey, a 26 year old business tycoon. The couple met by fluke chance; and were both seduced by a carnal need for the other. Pick it up, read it, and don't judge the book by it adult content. E.L James, is challenging taboo and writing for the modern world.

PS. If you already read the books, these your ecards will make you laugh! Some of my fave below...

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