Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds: Indonesia's Independence Day

Hello darlings!

Today is Indonesia's Independence Day! Therefore, I'm going to post some fabulous links about Indonesia this Friday. Enjoyyy... 

If you're planning to visit Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia, visiting this site is mandatory and make sure to schedule a visit to this restaurant

My lovely hometown

More places to visit: Bali, Lombok, Karimunjawa, Derawan, Candi Borobudur... and many more... 

Our National Anthem: Indonesia Raya

'til next Friday! Kiss. 


Lindsay said...

I REALLY wanna go to Misool Eco Resort! Was that the place that your mom/dad visited for their anniversary (or something?) lol

amarantha said...

No, we haven't visited Misool Eco yet, Zin! One day... *daydream

sorry it took ages for me to reply, I've been pretty occupied. hence lacking in updating and checking my blog! >.<

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