Monday, August 13, 2012

Farrago Indonesia

So few weeks ago I received an invitation to a website launch event at Pacific Place (one of my favorite malls in Jakarta) and I decided to attend (for the first time - usually I'm not up for these sort of events) simply because they acknowledge me as a blogger. The now-already-launched Website is called FARRAGO INDONESIA, the food and fashion online magazine.

I rarely browse around Indonesian websites but FARRAGO is quite interesting. All sections are interesting, however being a food lover, my favorite section is naturally "Eats & Drinks", where on F-Spot, they give restaurants/cafes/et cetera reviews and their complete information (address, opening hours, price range and even map location). It's very helpful to me because everytime my husband's in town, we always struggling on where to go for a nice lunch or dinner. We usually end up going to our "usual" places, but I guess those days will be over soon now that we can always browse FARRAGO website anytime, anywhere to get information on where to go for a nice lunch or dinner. 

Happy news, my husband will be in town tomorrow for 2 weeks (Yay!), so sometime this week we shall have lunch or dinner at LIO, out of curiosity, as I'm quite taken by a surprise when knowing that the Chef was trained by the famous Gordon Ramsay! That should be interesting, right! I hope FARRAGO will keep on finding Jakarta's best-kept-secrets and review them on the website for us Jakartans who crave for exciting culinary adventure. Best of luck to FARRAGO INDONESIA!

PS. Some photos from the website launch...

The invitation sent to my e-mail.


Official press release.

Got a goodie bag filled with gift vouchers from sponsors, but my favorite is Jason the Hush Puppies dog doll! Too cute!  I used to have a pair of Basset Hounds named Bomba and Bimbo in Manado. *sobs*

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