Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starry Bandage

It was my second time wearing my jelly shoes and as per usual (the one thing I hate about new shoes), I got blisters! I stopped by at Lotte Mart in Ratu Plaza, looking for my usual nude bandage but there was NONE. They only have this amanplast, bandage for kids, I have no choice but to buy anyway. Then I opened it, I was surprised to find this supercute starry bandage. I'm in love.

I love stars! I hereby declare that I will always use starry bandage from now on... LOL! I love you, amanplast!

I've thrown away the receipt, but I think the price for 1 pack of amanplast bandage is around Rp 2,600.- (USD 0.20) only.

My staryy bandage protecting my blisters.

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