Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

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Well hello darlings! 

I know I have been missing for almost a month. I've been quite preoccupied and also it's been a strangely busy month. A lot had happened this September: Daddy dearest's birthday, ******** stuffs, a lot of exercise (trying to beat the little voice in mind that wants to quit everytime), my husband's dear grandmother Nelly passed away in her sleep (she was 88 years old, God bless her soul...), went to Manado and back, my husband came to Jakarta for a few days, my husband's birthday and every night watching variety show (I'm currently addicted to watching Korean variety show called "Running Man", so hilarious! I love it a lot.) until I fell asleep.

That being said, yes I hardly had time to blog. But now I'm back! I'll try to update this blog more consistently, starting with these fabulous links...

How romantic!

Beautiful wedding in the Bahamas.

Attention, Starbucks addicts!

Would love to own some TokyoMilk products.

Saying "I Do" means saying "I Will".

New found food blog. Yummm!

Gorgeous eyes...

'til next week, darlings. Toodles!

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