Friday, September 28, 2012

Travelogue: Jason's Minahasa Bound (Sep 2012)

Went to my homeland sweet homeland, Minahasa, earlier this September yet I didn't take a picture of myself at all on purpose. Stumbled upon this interesting article a while back, then after reading and found myself smiling looking at the pictures, I decided do the same. I thought it would be fun and yet doing childish thing makes people feel younger.

So when I went to Minahasa, I brought Jason along. Sadly not too many pictures because I didn't always remember to take pic of Jason. However, I must admit it was fun, refreshing and I'm so going to bring Jason everytime I travel!

Here are the pictures of Jason in Minahasa which I posted on my instagram account... 

Manado Bound!

Worried. Jason's first trip ever!

Jason seemed to enjoy the pretty blue skies and sea of clouds.

Arrived in Manado!

Exploring Tondano.

The bestest pork bun in the whole wide world.

at Rumah Kopi Gembira.

Loving the view.

GMIM Immanuel, Koya. Church with the bestest view.

This is the view...

Stunning sunset in Manado...

Time to go back to Jakarta...

Sam Ratulangi International Airport.

That's the plane.

Beoing 737-900 ER

Jason hated the turbulence that lasted for 1.5 hour ):
Finally arrived in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

Waiting for our suitcases and boxes of Minahasan food ((:

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