Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Travelogue: Osaka


Last autumn (exactly 4 months ago today) I went traveling to Japan with my mother, two aunts and three girlcousins. It was a "Ladies Trip" so we left behind our husbands, fathers, male siblings and cousins. I managed to arrange all the traveling details from choosing the dates, booking tickets, selecting the cities and attractions to go to, accommodation in each city and transportation. It was a lot of work but I did it with a happy heart and in the end, it was worth it... Japan is amazing! Everything is cute and high-tech in Japan yet the people are extremely polite and friendly.

I do love everything about Japan: the language, the people, the sceneries, the cities, the culture, the foods, the heritage, the technology, the weather, the products... EVERYTHING!!! Everything is amazing. I absolutely want to go to Japan every year if possible and explore all regions of Japan.

If you're planning to go to Japan and need some guidance or references, do not hesitate to contact me or leave comment on this post. I'd be happy to help.

So here are our adventures in Osaka, the first city we visited in Japan...

Sunrise, on our way to Osaka. Around 1.5 hours before landing.

Finally arrived. Hello Japan!!! Ohayo Gozaimasu (:

Kansai International Airport, Osaka.

Left to Right: Mom, Tante Vonny, Lala ,Tante Lany, Lamy.

Me and Milka.

Just before immigration entering Japan.

Picked up our JR passes here.

JR Line entrance gate.

JR pass.

After checked in, we went to have some authentic Japanese foods for lunch.

My lunch! Soooo delish.

The restaurant.

At Tsuruhashi area in Osaka.

Places we went to in Osaka and tips:

Next city we went to was Kyoto, which will be uploaded separately. Until then! 

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