Monday, February 24, 2014

Travelogue: Singapore (Feb 2014)

I have come to love this part of Singapore. Lots of good foods and not too crowded.

Hello there. Hopefully I don't bore you with my Singapore travelogues because here comes another one! This was the trip I took with my brother 2 weeks ago. Stayed at East Coast area once again, reunited with my husband and the good foods in the hood. *yay* 

The delicious foods yum! 
L-R 1st Row: Mc.D's Double Spicy McChicken & Filet-O-Fish with Nacho Cheese // Suzuki Ramen Bar's Tonkotsu Ramen // Char Grill's Fried Rice with Giant Sausage // Char Grill's Fried Rice with Lam Chop.
L-R 2nd Row: IKEA's Chicken Wings // Year of The Horse Chocolates // IKEA's Garlic Bread // Mc.D's Breakfast Deluxe
L-R 3rd Row: Mc.D's Sausage Roll // Huge Slice of Meat Pizza near hotel // BBQ Chicken Wings // Indian Food. 
L-R 4th Row: FR's Hainanese Chicken Rice // IKEA's Swedish Meatballs // Random Cafe's Cream Cheese Toast // Subway's Italian Sandwich. 

Well, you know what they say... 
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Okay so here are several photos from this trip. I must warn you though, I uploaded so many photos! ((; Leave comments below if you want some info about the places or anything. Ciao! 

My brother's shoes, Jason and my shoes.

Can you spot Jason?
Pretty patterns.

Boat Quay from Suzuki Ramen Bar.

Brother and sister.

Suzuki Ramen Bar

Yours truly, Johan, Abraham, Jonah

Me and Hubs

So in love with these Puma sky high sneakers, they're on sale 50% off. But these are the last pair and it's too big for me, 2 size bigger. So, goodbye sneakers... *Sobs*
OOTD! ((;

Gordon Ramsay approved!

Lunch at IKEA.

Gotta love Converse's tagline!
Love wearing my husband's clothes, so comfy and has his smell.
Breakfast time.

GPO kid.

With Iwan, Milka and Jonah.

I love LINE accessories and they're from Japan!!!

I want them all...

I want these too...

That building was designed by SCDA Architect, my brother involved in this project before he resigned from SCDA in 2012. Now that the building has risen, he's happy and couldn't resist to take photo in front of it.

Where we found Ted.

What I do every night at the hotel.
Ted's saying goodbye to Singapore. He's coming home with us!

Boarding time. See you later, Singapore!

It was a super smooth flight, I loved it.

Hello Jakarta! We're back.

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