Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Favorite Hero, Hein Victor Worang

My grandfather would have been 95 years old today if he's still alive. Eventhough we never met, it doesn't mean that I love him any less. I was named after him and still carrying his surname. He is my namesake. I also happen to know some people in Minahasa named their children "Hein" or "Victor" after my grandfather because they love and respect him. It's a great feeling to know about that fact and of course I am beyond proud. 

His final resting place and I will be buried right next to him. He's burried in our family's private cemetery in Tontalete, our village.

Some great articles on the internet about my grandfather: on his 30th death anniversary, statue of him and some statues he built in Manado, on him being the longest ruler in North Sulawesi, one of his efforts in restoring historical sites in Tomohon (he restored many historical sites in North Sulawesi, because he had enormous love for our homeland and ancestors) and many more... 

He went to war, fought for Indonesia's freedom and lost 3 of his children because my grandmother had to follow him and his troops guerilla-ing in the woods and they had no medical supplies to give to his children who were badly ill. He sacrificed many, many things for Indonesia's independence therefore I despised Indonesian people who don't appreciate, nor value, nor make use of what our fallen heroes and veterans did for this generation.

When he ruled North Sulawesi, he initiated almost every infrastructure in Manado and always did the best he could to prosper Minahasan people. I was very touched when my husband's late grandmother told me that during my grandfather made her family lived well because my grandfather fought to increase the market price for spices produced by Minahasan people. Especially Tondano area, which was affected atrociously because of the separation movement by Permesta at that time. He managed to stabilized the North Sulawesi Province and built useful public facilities they needed. He was a hero, the pride of Minahasan people and naturally, my favorite one. 

It pains me when I read this poem about grandfather I found on Pinterest, because I never had the chance to experience that sort of thing. 

He died of heart attack on February 3rd, 1982 (one month before I was born) after lunch time. He was 63 years old and he was expecting me, his first granddaughter. He may be didn't have a long life but the memory of him will remain in my heart forever. I love the fact that he inspired me to treasure Minahasan culture, read bible every night, to love our homeland, family is number one, always help people in need (especially fellow Minahasans), eat good food and later when I have the capacity (financially stable), I would like to improve North Sulawesi. I don't want to be a Governor or any government officials, I just want to be one of the Minahasan people who care about her homeland. I hope I will be able to do that somehow.

Anyhoo, this is a scheduled post because I'm in Minahasa right now and would definitely visit his grave today and put some beautiful fresh flowers. Love you, Opa Kembi! See you in my dreams and in Kingdom of Heaven. <3 p="">

PS: Check out this facebook page about my grandfather that is updated occasionally by my father.

During the war.

When he received the title "Tonaas Wangko Um Banua" - from Minahasan elders. 

As Minahasan ruler.

People loved him. He had a really strong leadership within.

Rondoren Um Banua means Build Your Country. My grandfather's motto.

My father (left, in beige/white trousers) and my grandfather in 1970s.
His last official photo, he didn't put all of his medals of honour simply because he had too many! And oh, he was the first Minahasan who became both one and two-star generals in the Indonesian army.

My parents brought me to visit grandpa. In this photo, my father told baby me to kiss my grandpa's photo! (;

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