Thursday, March 27, 2014

Travelogue: Lake Ashi Pirate Boat Cruise

The sky was dark grey and it was pouring rain all the way from Tokyo to Hakone, but we set out to adventure in good spirits. Thank God we didn't take the train, because when you travel with the elders, it is better to travel in good weather. The people from KBRI Tokyo were kind enough, they provided a car  for us to use. 

When we arrived in Hakone, it was foggy and still raining. We stopped by at Lawson mini mart to buy some rain coats and some snacks (it is DIFFICULT for me not to buy snack in Japanese mini marts). 

The Hakone Sightseeing Ships were based on a pirate theme, sail across the lake from Hakone-machi to Togendai and back. The mist made the area looked like scenes from "Pirates of Caribbean" and I did feel like one of Jack Sparrow's crew. The pirate ships were big enough to hold large group of people without making things feel too crowded yet steady. We enjoyed the boat ride very much despite the little rain, the wind, cold and foggy weather during the first half of the trip and sunny skies second half of the trip. We took a lot of pictures as usual with our cameras, with and without the narcissistic stick.

After our magical pirate boat experience, we headed to Gotemba Premium Outlets for some serious shopping. We shopped like there's no tomorrow for a couple hours. Well, you know, it was an all-ladies-trip, it's not that surprising, no? 

We got ourselves some really great items at really good price. One of my favorite buys would be the pair of running shoes at Adidas outlet, the price tag was 2100 yen only. In Jakarta, the price for the same item is around Rp 1,100,000.- (USD 100). One of the best shopping places in Japan! 

Don't forget to visit when you're in Japan. ((:

Arrived at Hakonemachi-ko. 

The weather didn't bring down our happy spirits, we were just a little sleepy. 


The ticket. 

The general information: the routes, prices and timetable. 


I so love the name of the pirate ship we boarded. 

I felt like I was in a "Pirates of Caribbean" movie. 

We were sneakers: Nike Sky Hi Dunk, Nike Airmax 1, New Balance 574. 

All Evangelion goodies at the gift shop. 

Just arrived in Gotemba. 

Love these Fendi bags. 

Lake Ashi Pirate Boat Cruise and Gotemba Premium Outlet Tips:
  • If you come to Hakone on a rainy day, I recommend you to buy rain coats at Lawson / Family Mart, it costs around 2500 yen and it looks cute on pictures. ((:
  • Read this first before going to Hakone, so you would know what to do there. 
  • Pirate Boat Cruise is charging 970 Yen per person to board the boat. 
  • : so you'd know which train to take, at what time and on which platform. Hakone Pass comes in handy if you stay more than 1 day in Hakone. JR Pass is not valid in Hakone. 
  • To properly explore and shop at Gotemba, you need a good 5 hours minimum. 
  • My cousins and I recently opened a Tour and Travel agent, should you need our services please do not hesitate to contact us at info(at) We can create special itineraries for you to suit your needs and interest. Thank you! 

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