Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Indonesian Legislative Election 2014

I cast my vote on these four folded papers. 


My parents also voted today. 

Today my family and I (minus le husband because he went flying an airplane) exercised our rights as Indonesian citizens to vote on this election day. The right to vote is a privilege, we participate in our society and help to determine our future. I will not let this privilege go to waste by promising myself to vote in every election and have a say in how my beloved country, province and city are run.  

I believe every Indonesian citizen have to vote even if it means voting between the lesser of two evils. Failure to vote results in the system being dominated only by those who are strongly motivated by some idea (getting themselves rich or have power) and extremism of all forms holds much largel influence than belief in those issues actually has. The system becomes corrupted because people refure to take responsibility for fixing it. People must vote if you want a functional system. 

But remember, change does not come overnight. If more people vote, then slowly we will get better quality politicians. Let's get exactly the kind of politician we deserve. 

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