Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Travelogue: Tokyo

I left my heart in Tokyo.

Tokyo is now officially the city I want to visit over and over again for as long as I shall live. Visiting Tokyo has been a dream of mine for a long time and being able to finally visit was simply one of my highlights in 2013 and my life. 

The people, the culture, the transportation modes, the food, the stores, the vending machines, the cleanliness, the efficiencies and many more. And best of all, I still could mention a plethora of good things about Tokyo! Tokyo's that amazing.  

After my visit, I realized that it requires more than one visit to cover Tokyo, let alone the whole Japan, so I made a promise to myself. Whenever I can go back to Japan, I will. Even better if I could visit Japan every year and visit every prefecture of Japan! *Please God, Amen* 

Yes, I'm that head over heels in love with Japan and Tokyo is definitely one of the reasons why. Tokyo, aishiteru! 


About to go grabbing some Japanese dinner. 

Group selfie! 

Chargers, powerbanks, and gadgets! 

Takeshita Street.

Harajuku Station, right across the entrance of Takeshita Street. 


Rule of Kawaii on top left. 

Husky beanie!

I love. 


Posing with Japanese school girls

Turquoise colored cab, I love. 


The car that took us everywhere, thanks KBRI Tokyo! 

Hello Lord Vader. Lovely to meet you in Tokyo. ((:

Dinner with Tante Wawine and also Tixshe

Hachiko Wall. 


Crossing this off my bucket list! I did it! ((:

Shibuya crossroad. The most famous crossroad in the world. 

There was a photo shoot at the crossroad. 

Dinner with people from KBRI. 

Karaoke after dinner. 

Asakusa area. 

'till next time Tokyo! 


CuTie SL said...

May i know in when spesific date did you visited japan, miss? I see the leaves started to changed color. I plan to visit japan in its peak autumn, do you have recommendation of when the best date i have to visit? Thx before

amarantha said...

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. The best date to visit Japan in autumn probably around end of October to end of November. Have fun!

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