Monday, April 28, 2008

Spa Enthusiast

Here are my reviews on several spa places I went to for the past few months!

January 2008.

at Kima Bajo Resort & Spa, North Celebes - Indonesia

They have 'Mayana Spa'. I must say that this is my favorite so far. I actually fell asleep during the massage treatment. the environment was so peaceful and the massage was just right. I woke up happily and so relaxed. I had the sandalwood aromatherapy and full body massage for 90 minutes. You can choose in which place you want to be treated, beach front (can you imagine, having your body massaged with the ocean sound... priceless moment) or inside beautiful traditional cabanas.

via Kima Bajo Website
I must admit that the spa staff is very good. I chatted from the Spa Manager (I think that's her title) and apparently, she's originally from Bali (got her training and all there too) and loving Manado since she works there. Yet when it comes to pay the bills... hell yea, good quality = expensive. yet, it's worth every penny.

still in January 2008...

Hotel Sedona Manado, North Celebes - Indonesia

The Spa is powered by Martha Tilaar Salon & Day Spa. Famous Indonesian Brand for face, body, hair traditional treatments. I had the 'Traditional Body Wellness (60 minutes)'... unfortunately, i was kinda in a rush at that time, so I didn't really enjoy the massage to the max... I was chased by check out time! Good grief! I should've enjoyed it completely. The staff who was giving me the massage was too hard on me, i like soft-medium energy massage. In the end, i still like it anyways... hahaha. They gave me a javanese drink called bandrek after the treatment. Don't like the drink but it was ok. My relaxed muscles flawlessly overwhelming my body & mind so I didn't mind at all. (In normal condition, I'd definitely complain on that drink!) The price is just the average, not cheap and not too expensive. 

via Hotel Sedona Website

The spa place is right next to the pool, have this wooden outlet with traditional javanese interior. Nice and lovely. And like most of spa facilities, very very quite and peaceful environment.

Actually, I stayed at Grand Hyatt Singapore in March 2008 but at that time, the Spa Facility currently under renovation. I was sooo dissapointed and intend to TRY THE NEW SPA FACILITY in my next visit to Singapore.

April 2008

My family went to Bandung and stayed at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers. Of course, I tried the Spa Facility... and dad did too. My dad was having the massage treatment in his room for 90 minutes. He loved it. While I went to the Spa Laguna and had my treatment inside a hotel room that reserved for spa treatments. The room located near the swimming pool area.

via Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers website
I love the scent of that room... very very relaxing. I love relax mood. They use the products from Windy Spa. I googled Windy Spa but didn't find any information. If they don't like to be promoted, so be it. Hehe ;-) I tried the FULL BODY MASSAGE CHOCOLATE SCRUB. Sounds good? Hell yeaaa... it was great! Chocolate all over my body (love the aroma) and got massaged. Feels like paradise...

And guess what, not expensive (for Sheraton class). What a good deal! :-)

Till another hotel visit... ;-)

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