Monday, October 12, 2009

So Kelly Bag's Printed Ad

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My favorite commercial ever!!! Because of those Siberian Huskies and the cute husky pup tucked into the So Kelly Bag. My parents showed me this ad last week, they said: “If you have to choose, the pup or the bag. Which one will it be? Because we are sure you can’t pick either one.” Ha-ha, very fun mom, dad. But they know me so well. I can’t. I want both of them equally :D

When it comes to capturing the season, few ads do it as well as the latest Hermes commercial. It’s all snow, ice, and luxurious furs in this celebration of wintery weather! Well in my opinion, Hermes always has the best commercials.

Sweden’s Ice Hotel is the ideal backdrop for this frosty photo shoot. The white snow ensures that scarlet alligator So Kelly bag pops, and Raquel Zimmerman’s dewy skin glows against her dark furry hood.

Photographer: Eric Valy.

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