Thursday, August 05, 2010

We Saved Lady Genit

ew days ago my mother, husband and myself went for groceries shopping then in the parking lot, we saw this poor cute puppy was kicked and meanly harassed by this security guy. It only took few seconds for us to decide that we're going to take the puppy home with us. The pitch black puppy is a girl, half labrador half local dog, around 1.5 months old. She's a very cheerful and playful puppy, I couldn't help but wonder why people could possibly have the heart throwing away a puppy like this? 

However, as soon as we got home we had an unpleasant event. My huskies didn't take the adoption very nicely. My husky girl went hysterical and howling like crazy and have this killer look. Twitter came in handy, I tweeted about her and asked whether anyone wants to adopt her. Miracles happens (Thank you Lord Jesus). Long story short, puppy officially adopted :) Yay! 

The next day, we brought her to her new home, this lovely family warmly welcomed her. I couldn't be more happier and relieved! And what a small world it is, my father is actually friends with the head of that family. Wow. God is good. 

If one day I cross path with another stray puppies, I'd definitely wouldn't hesitate to take them and try finding them a family. Doing it over and over again? No problem! It feels so good helping animals in trouble, somehow it makes me feel like a very useful person :) And it makes me happy beyond belief. And oh, if you want to adopt stray dogs, or found stray/abandoned dogs, please contact below:

And oh, yesterday, the new owner, Tasha Asmarini that is, posted this on my facebook wall: "The pup is doing good.. playing all the time.. eat a lot.. we call her lady genit". Oh I'm so happy for you Lady Genit! 

Lady Genit, the night we found her


Let me out of this box!

On her way to her new home! :)

Few minutes before meeting her new family!


Lindsay said...

Thank you for doing that! You were not there by accident, God brought you there to save her :)
He looks like Luke when he was a puppy, with the white fur on the chest LOL

amarantha said...

Thanks!! I wish I could save many stray and abandoned dogs ):

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