Friday, October 15, 2004

First thing first!

Okay, this is the part where I should give some infos about myself... kay, let's bring it on!!!

I'm Amara, born on March 17th 19xx ;) I have one younger brother (Abraham) who studies Architecture. What else, huh... hmmm... well, I just graduated from Swiss German University on September 11th, 2004. What I've been doing ever since? I've been doing some freelance jobs... z.B sales force for PermataBank during the Jakarta Motor Show Exhibition and also as, a liaison officer for PBVSI [the Indonesian Volleyball Association] when they held a world-class competition in Jakarta. Can't tell how much these things influenced my way of thinking and living. I'm so grateful with my life. Gott sei Dank :)

Next, ... What do I do usually? Hmmm... watch DVDs [love-movies], write some stuff [based on real-life experience], read interesting books, hang out with my friends and/or cousins, love dogsss (dying to have a golden retriever or shima dog), beaches, learn new things, do sports [tennis, swimming, bowling... but I tried some sports before such as basketball, softball, athletic, volleyball, bowling, jet ski, etc... well, told you that I keen to do new stuff! ;) hehehe] and I can't live a day without music!!! Music is also my life...

I'm a huge-huge fan of Audrey Hepburn! I love all her movies... I also like Natalie Portman. Gawd she's adorable! I love sushi :) I know some people don't like raw fish, but you gotta try this one! But basically I love Japanese, Chinese & Italian food! I enjoy eating tasty food :) I'm also addicted to bread. Any kinds of bread... butter bretzel is my German love. And of course, French croissant! Yummy,,, (^,^)

I'm obsessed with this thing called traveling!!! I'd love to know and experience other nation's culture, other nation's language, landscape beauties... my goal is, I wanna travel around the world before 30!

Have fun reading my blog!

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