Wednesday, November 24, 2004

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Louhan, a cross breed between chiclid from S. America is considered a hybrid tropical fish, having very striking features in appearance and colour, the most attracting feature of all is it protruding forehead. Keeping this fish, among the Chinese community in Oriental Asia, is belief can bring good luck & fortune to it's owner.  Posted by Hello

I got an sms this morning... from Cokie, one of my friends.

"Junior had passed away... please pray for his soul. Thank you Amara"then I replied:"Cok, sorry to hear that, but who's Junior anyway?"--  I had no idea who he was! Seriously!he replied back:"He's Bambang's brother."--  well, I must admit that Cokie's really good at being weird! If he started to be that weird, it means that he's not serious at all. But I decided to go on with his game. So, I replied him back:"Who's Bambang?"This is the reply:"Amara! He's one of my louhan fishes! You have forgotten all about them, haven't you?"Ach soooooooo!!! Then finally I sent him this message:"Of course I still remember bout your louhans! But I never knew their names though. It's been a while since the last time I came to your house, huh? Well, Please accept my condolence. ((:"Hahahahaha... he's such a funny guy. I got the hidden message of the sms though. It's been a while since the last time I hung out with my friends. It's not that I forgot all about them... it's just, I need some time to be left alone. I'm having a boyfriend and I'm trying to make this happen. I couldn't do that if I hang out with my friends everyday. But well, probably on December I'll start to go out with them again. Coz you know, I've missed them too!

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