Saturday, May 08, 2010

53 Kgs.

I hate it when my clothes feel tight.  As in, I don’t remember this jeans feeling so tight on me last month. Oh wait, that was me who ate 1/4 of Almondy Daim Cake in one sitting (ahem, standing in front of my fridge). Okay, so it was more than a 1/4.  Whatevs. I feel terribly guilty now darling. I could only fix this with lots of outdoor jogging and pilates (I don't do gym.)

Jogging gear w/clothes, yoga mat, shoes, ipod?  Check!  Motivation?  Check!  Headache from you know where?  Check, Check!!!!!

1 comment:

amaramara said...

2 weeks later, May 21st 2010.

Yayyy the jogging & pilates worked! I lost 2 Kgs already :) Thank God!

--- Amara ---

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