Sunday, May 02, 2010

Food, Inc.

I'm not going to lie...  but ignorance was kind of bliss. Yet I'm glad Food Inc made me take a deeper look at my own eating habits too. I'm going to start changing over to organic when possible, and eliminating some of the nasty ingredients that seem to spread throughout my food choices. I'm going to urge everyone I know to stop buying broiler chicken at the supermarkets and to look into getting meat from traditional markets.

Food Inc covers a vast number of food-related topics, such as food production history, slaughterhouse practices, corporate legal battles, and new trends in food manufacturing. One sentence that frightened me was the statement from one of the scientist, he said that food manufacturing is actually the marriage result between science and technology. Food? Science? Technology? That doesn't sound right and surely doesn't sound healthy at all.

By the end of the film, I was not paralyzed by pessimism; instead, I calmly dispensed of my remaining bottled drinks, planning to eat only healthy food, and promote healthy eating within my family and friends.  I'm going to eat more traditional food, they're tastier anyways. Thank goodness food technology hasn't gone advanced in Indonesia, so the Indonesians are still pretty safe. I'm going to avoid the "imported sections" in supermarkets now. They're expensive yet unhealthy. In my own small way, I have already made a difference.

Few tips from Food Inc:
- Buy meat/vegetables from traditional markets
- If you shop at supermarkets, read the label. Know what you buy. what you eat.
- Homecooking
- Buy organic food
- Avoid buying canned food, bottled drinks, instant meals, fast foods
- Tell your loved ones

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