Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

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Hello darlings! 

Are you a risk-taker or safe-player? I think I have been a safe-player for serious matters most of the time and occasionally a risk-taker on fun / harmless craziness. It is very comforting in being a safe player but it's also extremely fun and dangerous to be a risk-taker, but I guess once in a blue moon we all probably should try to be a risk-taker just to add more spices / sparks (whatever you call it) to our daily routine and activities, again, in my opinion. 

I'm not going to reveal my fun / harmless craziness here on this blog *grin* , however I could share the feelings I experience. Yes, my "20 seconds of insane courage" moments made my heart beating so fast like it could literally pop out of my chest, but the big laughter after the "20 seconds of embarrassing bravery" moments were priceless! I called them "my fun and silly things I did when I was young and will be the things I smile about when I'm old and ... *ahem* ... wise". *lol* I was really insanely courageous when I took those "leaps"! However, that was before I got married. Now I opt to always be a safe-player eventhough I secretly wish that I'd have "20 seconds of insane courage moment" when I'm at this parasailing facility someday. I hope I'd be brave enough to take that leap and overcome my acrophobia.

So what about you, darlings? If you haven't done those things, are you going to challenge yourself today, tomorrow or some time in the future or are you pretty comfortable being a safe-player? Whatever your decision is, I hope it brings you happiness and in peace with our daily routine and activities.

Now, unto the links for this Friday... 

Really like this iPhone case.

DIY Sliding Knot Bracelet but I'll pick love charm or owl charm over the evil eye charm.  

The most heavenly and mouth-watering Pinterest account, ever!!!

I love madeleines!

'til next Friday, darlings! kiss.

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