Friday, August 03, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

via Miguel Palomar

Hello darlings!

So this weekend I'm going to just chill and watch Olympic matches (you can also watch the matches on btw) at home. This Olympic has this effect on me, I'm going to find out where I stand, speed-wise, in 100m sprints and also 400m sprints. I've always been the fastest runner in school since I was a little girl and my last sprint was back in 2006 at my office's sporting event. I won easily, not exaggerating but if you've seen Secretariat historic win, the situation was exactly like that, only I was the Secretariat. *smugface* LOL! But as I'm getting older *sigh* I'm a bit skeptical that I'm still as fast as I used to be. Fact: I have never lost to girls / women, I only lost once to a man (my cousin Marcel, who runs as fast as a Cheetah). 

Lately I've been practicing a little with my huskies Chewy and Lowy but they always win! (;

Oh well, I hope I could record my time sometime soon. I understand Olympic sprinters run in about the 10-11 second range, I know I'm definitely not in their league, but it would be nice to know my own speed record. I'll update you guys the result soon! (: 

While we're at this Olympics topic, take a look at these hilarious Olympic divers moment on Zindy's blog. ((: 

I need to master this before my Lombok trip.

'til next week! kiss! 


Lindsay said...

I can tell that you are a fast runner based on your body type. Me on the other hand is a slow runner, though I could run for a long time LOL.

I love your "fab friday finds" posts, always make my day brighter xoxo

amarantha said...

Thank you that's so sweet of you! (: Good to know that my fab friday finds posts are bringing good effects!

About, my body type... Really? How can you tell? ((: You're probably right, although I'm a fast runner, unlike you I suck at long-distance-run (x

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