Friday, February 21, 2014

Fabulous Friday Finds: Our Fifth Anniversary

Well hello darlings!

Above image was my creation and my first attempt doing calligraphy / typography or whatever it is called. I know it is very messy and way imperfect yet I'm quite proud of myself! I think I want to learn how to do it beautifully and in the right way with the right tools. Let's see if I could find the place or tutor for calligraphy in Jakarta. I am beyond interested! I used a pencil only (nope, no brushes nor ink pens just yet) and didn't actually plan to write my husband's and my name, however when I was done, I thought this would be very fitting with today's Fabulous Friday Finds theme...

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary, so today's links would only be about Jonah and Amara. ((:

Play this song while reading this post. She's one of our favorite female singers and we went to her mini concert in Jakarta two years ago. We love her

Our wedding.

This movie changed our lives forever.

We want to visit and explore this country together.

Our most favorite TV-show!!!

We collect these.

Our daily bread.

'til next Friday! Toodles!

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