Thursday, May 28, 2009

being a geeky bookworm

So next to traveling and taking pictures, I LOVE reading. Yeah, I'm a geeky bookworm and I'm SO not ashamed to admit it! I was raised on books more than television and even now, in my late 20s, I read every chance I get- and I'm one of those addicts who CAN'T PUT DOWN A BOOK ONCE I START READING. I got this 'behavior' from my dad, he loves books. Anyway instead of putting a list on this blog page of all the books I love and am waiting to love I thought I'd link you all up to an awesome website full of other book lovers (although they may not all be as geeky as yours truly ;) haha) So here is my profile on the site:

so you can all check out the books I've read, what I'm waiting to read, and what I'm currently reading :) you know... if you feel like it.

I'm always giving my friends books or recommending books or giving away books once I've read and fell in love with them... and I'm always open to recommendations so if you've read any good books lately, let me know!

happy reading!

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