Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mac Love

There's this new saying that has been spreading around the net in which I think really true!"Life was much simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits."Let's analyze this, shall we?

I don't know about Blackberry, I'm not a user and I don't think I will be (yea, the onyx from my in-laws is now used by my husband). Right, so, before Apple, I didn't really care with technology and so on. All I cared about was the computer's working, I can chat, I can send e-mail and store files. 

After Apple, life is getting complicated. First I wanted the iPod then iMac then MacBook then iPhone then iPhone Apps then new iPod then new iPhone then Airport then iPad and God knows the rest. See what I mean? 

And just to make Mac lovers' life even more complicated, yesterday they launched the new iPhone 4. Great. And boy, Steve Jobs were pretty cocky actually. He said, "No one used computers until Macintosh. No one listened to MP3 players until iPod. No one made video calls until iPhone 4." Ha! This time I must disagree with you Mr. Jobs, although I would love to have iPhone 4, I'm still grateful with my iPhone 3Gs. I have a digicam which pixel is more than 5.0 mp. I could live without LED flash. I don't get along pretty well with video calls (Ugh video calls, nightmare! I have a story on this one. Ex-lover involved, not good). 

Until this very moment, I don't feel the great urgency to upgrade my 3Gs to 4. It's lovely yet unnecessary. I'll just wait the free software on June 21st 2010 for my 3Gs, my baby would be lovelier. One last statement, a rather pathetic one, I'm still dying for an iPad 3G *boohoo*. Time to end this confession of a Mac-aholic. You do understand now, why life is much simpler when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits?

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