Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I hate surprises, whether they are well-intended or otherwise. I didn't mean to create a negative vibe here, yet I need to tell you the truth. Surprises suck. I wish I was one of those people who liked surprises, but I rather enjoy predictable. I like surprises in jokes. I like plot-twists, as long as the writers don’t cheat. 

The most simple example would be birthdays. It isn't like this weird love-hate thing where I actually love it. I actually hate it. I don't want to experience/open something I am not even the slightest bit sure about and have to try to pretend to like it, because I suck at pretending. I actually started hating surprises not so long ago, some time in 2004. Because as far as I remember, I had a superfun surprise birthday party in 2003, don't ask, please, I don't feel like going walking down the memory lane. But since 2004, surprises are downright annoying. I often had to hide/getaway from my house  on my birthdays, just to avoid surprises and not to hurt anyone's feeling. 

I used to think it's  kind of romantic that your loved one surprises you and do something you really like without telling you. But that was before 2004, remember? Just my luck, my husband loves surprises. I actually almost ruined two so far because I get mad at him each time he tries to surprise me. So please, if you are my friend and if you love me, spare the surprises. I. HATE.IT. Just come clean and tell me what's the plan and what you're up to, I promise you I could be the happiest girl in the world and love you to pieces. But if you surprise me, even if it's a real good one, just so you know, it makes me upset and hurt a little.

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