Sunday, December 05, 2010

Style Role Model

Everyone has role models in life. My famous role models are of course Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel, I really love their personalities, charms and sense of style (: And my infamous role model in fashion sense would be this fabulous new yorker (errr, I don't copy my friends' style - that is just inconvenient). 

Why her? Simply because to me, we have many things in common, like we love old stuffs. Her fav decade is the 60s, classic vintage style, love Mad Men!!! She has great taste - for me ((:  I've copied, is copying and will always copy her style! I'm not really into today's fashion, I love old style better. Take a look of some of my favorites (some are wearable in tropical countries, some just aren't *sadface*)... 

i wish i could wear boots in Indonesia ):
Going to copy this style as soon as I own a pair of beige Converse! Already have the jeans (definitely will be rolled up just like above pic), shirt and jacket (:

I've always loved embroidered dress (:

So simple but pretty!
Already copied this style - minus the straw hat! -- don't have one. 
I'm currently ordering these vintage swimsuit - online! 
Simply cutee
Already copied the style - minus the turban. But I want the shoes!!! 
Just bought a jumpsuit similar to this (: hehehe
How can I not love this 'Roman Holiday' look! Oh the hair!! Lovely!
Another embroidered dress in yellow (: 

Tres chic!

I don't own denim shirt... ):

Need to have a pair of beige Converse!

Love this!!

Heart, heart, heart!
Darn I love her boots, umbrella and striped shirt!!!

So navy-ish - I LOVE!!!

Going to copy this one too!

Superchic pattern... Totally in love. I'm so heading to textile store soon!

Casually pretty!
Another vintage-y swimsuit!!! Oh gawsh I want those high-waist bikinis
Ahhh! The boots and striped blouse... 
Supersweet Vintage Dress...

Cute skirt!!

She's wearing Batik skirt! I wanna make one... 

I'm so copying this one too!

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