Tuesday, October 02, 2012

TV Shows of 2012

Remember this post

I, the TV shows enthusiast, hereby sharing you the new TV shows to watch this year... 

1. Revolution
So far I'm loving it and it's like the combination of Lost, Flash Forward and The Hunger Games. Gotta love J. J. Abrams!

Helloooo... it's Mindy Kaling, everyone! What's not to love! 

3. Last Resort.
I just like this type of storyline.

4. Made In Jersey. 
A little more fun version of "The Good Wife".

5. Partners. 
Funny show and Brandon Routh!

6. Elementary. 
I have a soft spot for detective stories. 

And returning shows I love: 

2 Broke Girls
How I Met Your Mother
New Girl
Once Upon A Time
Downton Abbey
The Good Wife
CSI (all of them)
The Amazing Race

If we have the same taste in movies / tv-shows, you might want to check them all out. (;
Enjoy them to the hilt, darlings! 


Lindsay said...

I, too, LOVE revolution, last resort, homeland and well its not on your list, but I like Dexter with his dark personality LOL!

Lindsay said...

oh and Alphas too! lol

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