Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Knock, knock!

I'm back! :)

2013 was nothing short of tumultuous for me. It was filled with despair, but also the immense joy of overcoming it. All of that helped pave the way, as hard as it was, for Jonah and I to grow stronger as a married couple. We called 2013 as the year of blessings in disguise. By the end of 2013, everything started to fall into the right places and we are so grateful that God has always been guiding us and protecting us during those challenging moments. And this year, we are also confident that He will continue to rest His favor upon and more years to come. 

Most importantly, I've missed blogging fiercely, am excited to get back to the daily grind, and cannot wait to share every little bit and piece with all of you. I have upwards over a thousand photos from last year (the year when I didn't blog at all), but I'm looking forward to start sharing many things soon! 

But first, because it's still January, I'm wishing you all darlings 365 days of peace within yourselves, fun and genuine people, supreme bliss, good books, create new memories with loved ones and God bless.


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