Wednesday, January 27, 2010

an odd pair

These two photos has nothing to do with one another and they were both taken at completely different times. Don't ask me why but.. I felt like pairing them together. It's my Audrey Hepburn DVD Collection and for those who are wondering what that fish thing is, it's actually a korean ice cream. The inside is filled with vanilla ice cream and red bean. I happen to like very much and have like 3 of them in my fridge at this very moment :)

It is so hard for me to find Audrey Hepburn DVDs in Indonesia. Most of shown above, I bought them abroad. Since I just posted the ones I have... and not to mention my birthday is coming :D , I hope one of you readers miraculously have this sudden urge of wanting to give me birthday present! (The ones I dont have yet of course) - teehee! *half serious, half joking* ;p

Toodles! xo

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