Friday, September 17, 2010

More Dolphins Released...

Remember when I posted an entry about dolphins in Japan? Since then I've been a follower of Save Japan Dolphins Blog just to keep myself updated about the cause. If you already watched "The Cove" , a documentary about dolphins in Japan which also won an Oscar for the best documentary this year, than you probably know that the dolphins hunting/massacre happens every year in September. And we are now in the month of September.

Their latest entry made me happy :) here's the title: "The Latest from Taiji: More Dolphins Released" Yay! It is written that now those Taiji fishermen are applying the "no-kill-policy". No more dolphins are getting slaughtered. However, they still hunt down bottlenose dolphins to be captured and sold to aquariums. Those dolphins have been pulled from their families to be put in captivity. The non-bottlenose dolphins were released back into the sea. At least they don't kill dolphins anymore. I almost cried when I read this part:

"Six hunting boats took position outside the cove. At first the bottlenose dolphins did not realize that they were free. Then they did and started taking off slowly, then ever faster. The hunting boats started driving them out to sea in a sort of reverse drive hunt, but not as violently as they had driven them in the day before. In the end the dolphins were just literally flying towards the open ocean, trashing up a lot of white water. This could be seen for miles before they disappeared towards the horizon."

Awww :') but still, I'm against captivity of bottlenose dolphins. LET THEM BE FREE!!! Leave the dolphins alone! Please if you care about this too, please sign their petition or even better donate some of your money to end this horrible activity. Let's love the dolphins!

Bottlenose Dolphins and any types of dolphins belong in the sea and be free! - image via

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