Monday, February 15, 2010

Save The Dolphins!

"The Cove" documentary was really an eye-opener. In Taiji, Japan, every year there are around 23,000 dolphins brutally slaughtered by the fishermen for meat. Entire schools of dolphins are driven into a hidden cove after a prolonged chase. Once trapped inside the cove, the fishermen kill the dolphins, slashing their throats with knives or stabbing them with spears. The water turns red with their blood, and the air fills with dolphins' screams. This brutal massacre — the largest scale dolphin kill in the world — goes on for six months of every year. Dolphin meat is tainted with mercury and not fit for human consumption. The Japanese government and the dolphin hunters do not warn the Japanese people of this danger, although the dolphin meat should be labeled as toxic.

I'd like to share a couple facts with you to understand why we must save the dolphins. First of all, the primary target is bottlenose dolphins, they don't kill them but they sell them to aquariums. I WILL NOT EVER GO to Sea***ld, Dis*** Sea, Oc*** Park or anything that has dolphins show. They are simply mean.

Don't let the smile fool you, captivity is cruel. Captured dolphins are traumatic and stressful, do you know the aquariums, they give anti-depressant pills for dolphins on regular basis? Because when dolphins are too depressed, they can easily commit suicide. They just take one last breath and never take another one :( Captured dolphins do that. How can not they be depressed, on average dolphins swim around 40 - 60 miles per day in the ocean. Can they do that in an aquarium? We all know the answer. They are performing only because they have been deprived of food.

I hope the people aware of this issues and do the right thing. I love dolphins a lot, my favorite sea mammal. Dolphins are very friendly to human and they help human at times. I watched an interview of a Australian surfer, he said that there was one time when he surfs in Australia, when riding the wave there was a shark (the dangerous one) ready to attack him then out of nowhere came 3 dolphins shooed the shark away! They helped him. How can you not love dolphins? They're so adorable and cute and they belong in the sea, being FREE. I was once had this dolphin temporary tattoo, see here.

If you think you love dolphins, show that you care. Do something about it. Starting with signing this petition, they need to have 1,000,000 signatures to stop the dolphins from being slaughtered and captured in Taiji, Japan.

(source: and photos are from - keyword: dolphins)

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