Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Actress of Golden Globe 2011

is... NATALIE PORTMAN for her role as Nina Sayers in Black Swan!!! Yaaaaaaaaayyy!

Congratulations mommy-to-be and soon-to-be-bride! God knows (and everyone who has been reading this blog since the very beginning) how much I adore her!

Here are Natalie Portman’s Golden Globes photos, including her gorgeous pale satin, rose encrusted VIKTOR & ROLF gown. OMG She looks super stunning...

And here is the video when she  gave speech on stage:
Her lovely speech: 

“Jeff Bridges, I love you.  Thank you.  Thank you to the HFPA, this is such a great honor.  Truly the most wonderful experience of this whole reaction to the movie has been to get to spend time with so many of the people in this room.  It has been the most meaningful thing that I will take away from this post movie experience.”

“I also want to thank you for the opportunity to say hi to my Grandma Bernice in Cincinnati, who’s watching at home.  “I hope you’re having a drink, Grandma, enjoying this.”

“I thank you for bringing my mom into the world, my mom is the most wonderful person; she’s here.  My father, who’s also the most wonderful person, thank you for bringing me into this world, and giving me such a wonderful life. “ 

“Thank you to Benjamin, who is helping me continue this creation of creating more life.  Benjamin choreographed the film, and also you might remember him in the movie as the guy when they ask, 'Would you sleep with that girl?' And he's like, 'Pffsh, no.' He's the best actor. It's not true: He totally wants to sleep with me!" 

“Aleen Keshishian my manager, since I was 12-years-old.  You listened to me when I said to you, I want to do something with dance someday, I admire the arts so much.  Thank you so much.  My agents, Kevin and John, my fellow actors, Mila “Sweet Lips” Kunis, you’re the greatest; Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey, everyone at Fox Searchlight, Nancy Utley, thank you so much.”

"Darren, I met you 10 years ago, and we talked about this for the first time, and thank you for continuing to work on this movie and then to give me such a beautiful, beautiful gift with this role.”
"Every time we finished our takes, you would say, 'Now do this one for yourself,' and that gave me such beautiful inspiration as an actor to not just be amused, that I could create on my own as well.  I love you so much and you're the most wonderful and I'm so grateful to you.  Thank you.”

* all photos via Natalie Portman's tumblr fan blogs.

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