Monday, January 10, 2011

Turquoise Crush

Okay yes, I have many addictions - crazy about stripes, madly love old (vintage) style and now is the perfect time to reveal one other addiction... I love turquoise! I just love the color, it is soothing, calming, pleasing to the eye and trรจs chic (:

Looking back, it is clear to me now that I have been under consciously attracted to this color. When buying jewelry, I always somehow ended up buying turquoise color / gemstone. My wedding theme was "The Great Gatsby" and should had been decorated with black and turquoise (I still keep the sample from my wedding organizer). Took me a while to realize that I love turquoise a lot ((: 

I'm going to decorate my house with some turquoise color, not too much but just for accent color. Bright turquoise is really great as an accent color. Adding some pillows and old aqua shutters to my future den, but don’t think I’ll incorporate a lot more of it in my decor. And more thing, turquoise is so 1959 and so Mad Men-ish (((;

I even found out Pantone's statement when launching turquoise as color of the year 2009. “Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of wellbeing.” Such a beautiful description, isn't it? 

So frolic with me through the land of turquoise. And here’s to a home that restores my sense of wellbeing.

P.S. You can’t do a post on turquoise without starting out with the House of Turquoise.

Since I love writing (crap) LoL, I really want to have this old turquoise Typewriter --- pic from
Love the white sofa and the turquoise cushion


How gorgeous is this photo!
This would look great in my future house
Love this.

Awesome backyard terrace. Looks very homey, warm and comfortable. My dogs would love suntanning there on the deck

Love the long curtain.

Want this!!!

Nice accent color isn't it?

I dream of having a dedicated room for books in my future house, some sort of mini library-ish just like in this picture.
Love the huge mirror and additional independent chair and white chandelier. They are very pretty.
Saving the best for last, I'd love to have these swingbenches, rug and that natural turquoise background!!! I want a beach houuseeeeeeee!!!!!! #screaminghisterically
photos via Tumblr (keyword: #Turquoise)

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