Sunday, January 09, 2011


Goodness. Going through my old blog, by the way, it feels a lot like going through your old high school yearbook photos, where you had funny hair, bad complexion, braces and the works! I'm cringing yet amused by the way I used to blog last time, I write so differently now! But then again, I may say the same thing in another 4 years time about my current blog, hmm...

I have changed quite a lot since the first time I sign up on this but I'm happy where I am now and what I am now. I've passed a lot of good and bad moments to get here yet by passing through them, I've grown. I grew up. I know who I am, I know what I like and I know what I believe in, without a doubt. I have changed.

The word change can conjure up many different feelings. I am both apprehensive or excited to the word "change". The process is not always pretty and sometimes forced people to leave their comfort zones. Some people welcome change with open arms and some fight it with everything they’ve got?. Everyone responds differently, but people are more likely to be accepting of change if they are the creator and they are more likely to oppose it when it is forced upon them. 

Life is full of change and that leads to growth. Change is what keeps us from becoming stagnant, keeps our life moving in the right direction and allows us to achieve the greatness we desire and deserve. Like it or not, we need to be willing to embrace it and work on being agile to go with the flow and change with the tides when something doesn’t go according to plan. Be brave because the road for the greater good is never easy and smooth.

Life is fleeting sometimes the days drag but the weeks and months fly by. Start actively doing things that are pushing you towards truly enjoying your life and if the only requirement is to change sometime, DO IT! Change for the better is good for you. Anyways, we only live once right?!

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